Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I won something!

I'm so delighted, 
because today when I got home from a particularly stressful day, this was waiting for me!
I won it
I know, I can't believe it.
Those lovely 
had a giveaway and this gorgeous bag is all mine.

Isn't it fab! 
I can see it resting in my bicycle basket full of delicious goodies to eat.

So beautifully made, with a lovely little heart attached
 and a lovely little extra one too!
Really cheered me up, like Christmas..........
in April!

Thanks again lovely 
If you don't know their blog go and take a look it's full of gorgeous bags, crochet and quilts. 
Made with beautiful thrift shop finds. 
You'll want one I know you will!
Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Lovely bag, very pretty, well done you x

  2. Lucky thing, what a lovely bag!
    Just looked at your pebble bowl too and I love it. Gorgeous colours in it, and it so makes you want to touch it! You're right, the internet is amazing, all this inspiration to see, so many people making lovely lovely things, that we never would have got to see before the wonders of the web.

  3. Hi Sue, what a treat to come home to :0) I love the Dutch Sisters blog, I just made one of their bags in crochet, but mine is smaller than theirs - I only did 3 rounds ..... it is on my blog, destined for a lovely friend hopefully visiting me from NZ.
    I love red white and blue, I think that's one reason I am so attracted to their blog.
    Hope you end the week without more stress!
    nice to visit,
    Val xx

  4. What a treat, how special is that, Lady Luck sure shined on you :)

  5. This bag is also beautiful! I was the lucky one who won the other bag:). Enjoy your day, greetings from Janina


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