Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Getting things done!

Right here we go then.
It was a lovely weekend wasn't it.
Time to get a bit of gardening done.
Let's pop to the garden centre.
But that's a chest of drawers I hear you say, well yes, yes it is. 
This is what happened.
We went to the local tip, on the way to the garden centre. (looking for an old hoover to exchange for a new hoover, but that's a whole other story).
Anyway, no hoovers.
But this gorgeous chest of drawers looking for a home.
Money passed hands and in the boot it went.
Squeezed a few plants in the boot too.
Didn't even get chance to photograph it before my Lovely Man went to work on it!

He scraped the old varnish off

Meanwhile I emptied the big tub (the one in the bottom right hand corner of the photo), mainly full of unsavoury things it was, we have cats I'll say no more.

Soil moved over to the other side of the garden, where the table used to be

A lovely new flower bed!

Covered in sticks to keep the aforementioned cats off.

Look the table's on the move!

Bad photo, but there it is new table position.

So much better.

Catches the sunshine in the morning, we'll be able to enjoy alfresco breakfasts.

And LOOK at the size of my garden!

So much more spacious than before.
Yipee been wanting to do that for AGES!
Now what about the chest of drawers

Ta Dah!

Colour washed with cream emulsion, temporary ribbon handles, 
which I rather like, sitting comfortably in my sewing room.
How marvellous two unplanned jobs done.
that makes me very happy indeed.
It's a win win situation too.
 If I can't use my bench because of the impending blizzards, I can retire to my sewing room and shuffle things around in my new drawers.
Much love


  1. Got to love the unplanned 'getting things done'. Well done you the garden and the drawers look great :) Very thrifty too, always a bonus!

    S x

  2. I like the ribbon handles! And the garden looks much bigger that way. I need to do some primping in our garden too.

  3. Thanks for your lovely kind comments.
    Sandra I still have all the planned jobs to do!

    D'you know what Claire I've lived in this house for 27 years and it never occurred to me to put anything in that spot, DOH! Small change, big change I think. ♥


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