Saturday, 21 April 2012

Foray into Felt!

 Happy Weekend to you!
I've spent the day tidying up my craft room and poodling around, lovely.
Anyway  thought I'd share with you something that's making me inexplicably happy.
Ta dah!
A very cute little felted bowl!

I'm calling it my pebble bowl. I love it such a happy little thing!

I'd seen it and I'd read about it and I was curious to discover
 just how easy it was and how you did it.
Oh boy, it's easy as pie. 
Just get some scrumptious yarn, get hooking and make............

....................then the tricky bit, find something that needs a wash. Ha ha ha, I know we've always got washing haven't we. Well actually on this occasion I had nothing, not a sock, not a thing!
Jacob was ordered to provide the jeans off his extremely skinny legs 
purely for the purpose of shrinking my bowl!
Sorry, not friendly to the earth but I did put it on a mini wash and I promise I won't do it again, but I couldn't wait, I couldn't!

Half an hour later there it was.
D'you know what, it's all down to the wonderful world of the tinternet.
It's down to all of you clever creatives out there.

The ideas and inspirations bouncing around in cyberspace are truly remarkable. I find myself being thrown into creativity by a photo or picture or blog. 
Anything, ANYTHING is possible!
It's an amazing place to be.
I wonder.
Do you feel the same?
Let me know.


  1. Sometimes I don;t look on the internet in case I see something more that i want to do! Love the bowl

  2. Cool, I have never got round to trying felting yet. (Another thing on the list)

    Thanks for commenting on my tutorial and I'm glad it made sense. I do worry so!

    Good luck with your cushion back!

    S x


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