Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Adding to my stash. I couldn't help it!

I cycled 40 minutes today, 
through plagues of tiny flies and blasts of lorry air (you know as they zoom past!)
Why, why, why!
For this

Do  you like it?
It's my new 
'Summer Skies'
It's lined with some pretty blue spotty fabric (no photo too dud)

So the reason to be out on my bike was to acquire some suitable ribbon to line the strap.
Off to Hobbycraft then, hence the long ride, actually rather nice and way better than using the car.

So here's the ribbon.
Lovely isn't it.
Alright it's not ribbon, no not ribbon at all.
I got seduced by some reduced Amy Butler organic dk.

Stunning isn't it. 
Haven't got a clue what I shall make with it, I'm just looking at it and feeling
The hunt for a suitable ribbon will continue of course.........
What made you happy today?


  1. lol, you had me looking for ribbon, like trying to play 'Where's Wally'! I get it now, and love your 'Ribbon'. If you cycle for forty minutes you are allowed to treat yourself right?

  2. I like your thinking. The longer I cycle the bigger the reward! LOL.

  3. Hello Sue, please can you mail us your address so we can send you your bag. Groetjes, heleen en corry

  4. Oh you made me laugh! How often do we find bargains instead of what was needed! The bag is gorgeous.

  5. Lovely bag, and lovely new yarn too. Don't like the sound of the lorries though, I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to cycling in traffic!


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