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Yuk slugs......or are they?

Ok so we all hate them.
In the garden

Yeh we hate the little pests.

Or do we?
How cute are these little fellas.
I'm hooked, they are multiplying fast.
And the best part.
They don't eat greens!

I am in love!
If you want to join the slug fest you can get the pattern here.
Happy Thursday


  1. I am SO GLAD you had such cute crochet pictures - I almost clicked away in fright when I saw the real thing :-))

  2. I know gross aren't they, those ones in the cat food dish were vile, we couldn't find how they got in, we think maybe from under the floorboards!

  3. I do love your crochet slugs, but I think the ones in the cat food bowl are Leopard Slugs, get quite large, but eat other slugs - carnivorous! Which is why they would go for the cat food. I've been getting them in my kitchen this year, too. Don't know how they get in.

  4. Oh Anne how horrible! These little fellas only appeared whilst we were decorating, I'm afraid I did resort to chemical warfare under the floorboards to get rid of them. We think they were squeezing their slimy little bods through a gap in the bricks arghhhhhhh!!!!! Glad to say haven't seen any since we finished the kitchen, phwew.


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