Friday, 10 February 2012

On my camera

On my camera in January
A chilly visit to our local cemetery.

An even chillier visit to Portsdown Hill to get a new view of the setting sun.

A grey day in Southsea

Finally a little hooky prettiness!

Theme of the month seems to be grey and chilly!
lets hope for a more colourful February.
Hope you are all warm and cosy.
No snow here, but it's jolly cold.
Enjoy your weekend whatever you do


  1. thank you sue! i love cemetery photos especially in foreign (to me) lands. lovely photographs friend. xx

  2. Love your photos, and we seem to be following the same train of thought here!

  3. Some great projects here Sue. Thanks for stopping by. I love it when you visit, it reminds me to stop by here. I am always inspired.


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