Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Happy Monday!

I thought I was over Cath.
Apparently I'm not, cos look,
at what I found yesterday. 
Love Cath! by Sue Webb ♥

Four gorgeous napkins for the complete bargain price of 
I know, how could I not buy them.
Made me smile.

Had a trip to the cinema too

What a good film, go and see it.!
Hope you had a 
Happy Monday


  1. lol! I keep thinking I'm over Cath too. Apparently I'm not either!!

    S x

  2. I thought I was over Cath too but then I see a new retro type design this season that catches my eye:)Your comment about painting made me giggle, I agree no sanding..primer..just wait till I'm alone and then slap it on x x x x
    have a great day x x x

  3. Loved the Artist. Such a great movie.


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