Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 The year of the teacup!

I was having a mooch over at Claires gorgeous blog 
and of course was enchanted by her new chinaware, it's so pretty and what she does, if case you don't know, is paint the loveliest paintings of her teacups.
Go and have a look they are enchanting.

Anyway Claire these are some of mine.

Hmm, I feel a collection coming on!

I think this is definitely the 
Year of the teacup!
Father Christmas found these lovelies for us. 
The patterned one is actually more green than yellow, cursed winter light.
Can't be used as the handle is broken :o(
The pearly one is my Christmas pressie to my Lovely Man who was thrilled and is planning a whole new shelf in their honour!

Just before I go I just wanted to share this little gem with you all. 

A pressie to myself!
Discovered in a charity shop all  alone and unloved.
The Eiffel Tower
How pretty, look at it, oh my how pretty.
I love it

Had to have it
for a full £1.50
Wonderful vintage crazy bargain.
In case you're wondering it's an Avon perfume bottle!

I have others
I'll share them with you another day.
Wait and see you'll love them too I'm sure.



  1. Beautiful china Sue :) The patterned one has that cute little flower inside that I look for because it's great at the angle I paint at. Those pearly ones are gorgeous to have but there tooooooooo many scary shadows and reflections for me to paint ;0
    Time for a brew up and a cucumber sandwich eh?!

  2. We've just had a lovely cup of tea in our pearly cups! How sophisticated we felt.


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