Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I love that
Sounds very exciting doesn't it, much more exciting than
things that have been sitting around too long!
We all have them don't we, stuff started and then abandoned for the
 'next big thing'
Well I've had the perfect opportunity this week to do a bit of catching up.

First I finished some granny squares

Bag or cushion?

Wait and see

Something with a lining.
Have to say I love this colour combination.

And some balls!
It's anyone's guess what these are going to be!

How are your 
I wonder who has the most lurking in baskets and cupboards.

Hope you are enjoying the sun


Monday, 26 September 2011

Flowers and Birds!

How was your weekend?
 Hmm not quite as hot and sunny as the weather men suggested was it.
To top it all I spent the weekend with a box of tissues doing battle with the 
Anyway, it's Monday now so I'm feeling well enough to resume normal activities..............
That'll be work then!
So I thought I'd share some loveliness with you. 
Not grown by me but just on our next door allotment, 
Lovely dahlias


How pretty they are!
Which is your favourite? 

On another subject. Photographing birds, that's tricky isn't it, but look I caught these little fellas at the end of my garden. Lovely little 
Long tailed tits so speedy, real now you see them now you don't!

Have a good week.
I'm back to my crochet later,
 it got tricky trying to hook and wrestle the tissue box!


Friday, 23 September 2011

Around the allotment

Hello folks hows your week been?
I've been busy hooking of course 
but also had time to pop to the allotment and check on our goodies. 
So have a look at these beauties.

A field of leeks. Really they are, alright field is a bit of an exaggeration but that's a whole packet of seeds growing right there...........we like leeks.

Our tomatoes have finally ripened, it was touch and go for a while. 
They stayed stubbornly green for ages!

Our most successful crop this year, delicious Anya potatoes grown from a bag we bought which sprouted! 

Of course there has to be a pumpkin, since I took this photo it's grown even bigger.

My fruit beds are coming on really well with plenty of delicious raspberries and a few late strawberries.
I feel a roulade coming on!

Well it's nearly the weekend and it looks like it's going t be a good one yipee!
What shall we do?
Bit of gardening, maybe
Bit of hooking, maybe
Bit of picture taking, maybe
Bit of relaxing, definitely!
Hmm that's looking like a packed weekend
So what will you be doing, let me know I'd love to hear from you.

♥ Sue♥

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sweet Pea Blanket

My latest creation
Sweet Pea Blanket
Sweet Pea Blanket by Sue Webb ♥

It's a giant granny square, loved making it sooo relaxing just round and round and round 46 times! 
I must confess I've still got some ends to sew in, but that's boring and I'm already onto the next thing.
Want a little peek?

What's it going to be.

Wait and see!
Are you the same, flitting from one project to another. I find a new idea evolves from the project I'm working on, one thing leads to another and I get a backlog of ideas! I've started writing them down and keeping colour ideas tucked safely away in an attempt to free my mind for the thing I'm working on!
Oh the torture. 
Are you suffering too?
I wonder who has the most projects on the go at once, let me know!

Friday, 16 September 2011

It wasn't all crochet!

 I did go outside and enjoy the marvellous summer weather too!
This was a lovely hike we took on Bank Holiday Saturday. 
The route, from Baffins in Portsmouth to nearby Emsworth, our target a lovely pub that serves delicious sausage and mash. So nice and early off we go.

First, up the coast path along Langstone Harbour.
That's Mr T and Heather, striding out.

Looking back down the length of the harbour, as you can see a sparkling day.

Onto Farlington Marshes, a local wildlife reserve where we twitched and spotted some Little Egrets.

The marshes in all their glory.

A dramatic skyline and bit of super zooming, cool!

Mr T and Heather learning all about the wildlife.

You would never guess that this is just feet from the main road (A27). as you drive towards Portsmouth from the east this is the view, lovely isn't it.

Part of our route took us through the Broadmarsh industrial estate.

And onto Langstone. Wouldn't you just love to live here.

What no food for us!

Not so sparkling now and we're starting to get hungry.

Chichester Harbour looking East.
Still hungry.

Walking the shore, note the waterproofs are out now.

Finally Emsworth ahoy!

Arty boat shot!

Hooray we made it, I think Mr T is holding Heather up!

A well earned pint. Delicious.

So with the optimism that only beer can provide and our bellies full of sausage and mash we decide to take the long way home. Down the length of Hayling Island, it won't be that much further will it!

Off we head onto Hayling, the clouds are building and we have a loooong way to go, right to the horizon!

Another arty super zoom shot.

Made it to the ferry, oh we missed it hmm, coffee in the not so great Ferry Boat Inn. The view's nice though, that's looking out at the entrance to Langstone harbour.

An hour later, here it comes!

Do we look a little windblown?

Back through St James Hospital Milton, nearly home now.

Back across Milton Common.

We made it OMG!

Come on let's have a cuppa.

Do you know how far we walked? 
21 miles
That's right 
21 miles
Do you know how long it took?
11 Hours
11 Hours
And d'you know what else, we had a fabulous day.
A day we will remember and enjoy for a very long time. A day when we had time to talk and laugh and relax together, a very precious thing.
We can spend hours stressing, shopping, cleaning and being busy. Or we can stop, 
down tools and take the slow road, 
spend time reconnecting with the world and each other 
Something I think we should do it far more frequently.

How are you spending your weekend?
Do something lovely with the people you love.

♥ Sue ♥

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Buttons and bobbles..............

We like bobbles and vintage buttons, which do we like best, we can't decide! You choose, should I make the bobbles my little thing on my cushions ( you know like a trademark LOL) or buttons? I don't know, and now I've got to go to work where I shall spend the day pondering this dilemma! What I need is someone to make the decision for me, so people it's over to you!

Monday, 12 September 2011


How's your summer been?
I've been very, very busy. Want to see?

First there was a flowery bag!

Then the stool cover......

The blue skies cushion.............

The purple heather cushion...............

Some jolly window bunting........

Another bag!

And finally the rainbow riot trio! Check out those fab bobble buttons......I love them!
I know my little fingers haven't stopped, I'm having a ball!
At the moment I'm working on a giant granny square blanket, and all the time I'm learning new tips and skills from the wonderful blogosphere, my latest favourite tip is to turn your granny over to stop her middle from twisting...........Brilliant!
What's your best tip, what's helped you make lovely things lovelier? I'd love to know.
Right, back to the hook
See you soon