Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Meet the cats

Well you've met the children so it's only fair you should meet the 
Apologies if you're not a cat lover. 

You may find the gushing a bit much.

So here we go.
This is Howard he's the baby of the bunch, special skills involve him throwing himself at our feet and dragging himself along like a slug.

Then there's Treacle our lady cat.
Actually she's the one who sees off any imposters into the garden.
And boy can she talk, meow meow meow!

Finally we have Ghetto, he's Treacle's brother, handsome isn't he. 
A more gentle cat you couldn't wish to meet.
He had a nasty accident a few years ago and has a damaged pelvis, 
he's not got much strength in his back legs. 
Favourite thing is stretching out on the sofa watching TV, 
especially nature programmes.

Of course we love them all and for me having them around makes our home feel, 
more homely.
Who do you share your home with?


  1. I love cats and these three look gorgeous. We have one cat called Milly, she is a tabby and she likes to be cuddled all the time, she especially likes to help with my painting by sitting on top of my work!! Thanks for all your comments you leave on my Flickr page it's really nice to get them.

  2. The cats are gorgeous and I love their names! We have Lottie (spaniel) Ash (bunny) and Mimzi (guinea-pig) Pippa the other guinea-pig sadly died last night :(

  3. So sorry to hear about Pippa, it's always so devastating losing a pet however small. We just take them into our hearts and families don't we, and when they go it hurts.
    Your pets names are cool too, I love what people call their animals!


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