Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Rainsoaked rose by Sue Webb ♥

Just a quick one today.
So busy this week, number 3 son is off to Iceland tomorrow morning nice and early so the weeks been full of packing and sorting as you can imagine!

Tomorrow is also world book day and as I work in a school I have to dress up.
I'm going as the fabulous 
Willy Wonka!

I've spent the evening making a fancy tie and some golden tickets.
But my favourite thing is my cane, just waiting for the fimo knob to cook, it's got a wonderful W on it!
So that's tomorrow, day.
 Then straight away off to Devon for a couple of days.


If there are any photos of me as the great man I promise I will post one!

Have a fabulous weekend


  1. ha! photos please!! i MST see your version of Willy Wonka...what a hoot!

  2. Have a lovely busy time. Your rose photograph is exquisite :)

  3. Hi Sue, good luck to you and your son, you definitely are busy! Take a cleansing breath once in a while and it will all be good. Gorgeous photo of the rose. xjosie


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