Wednesday, 26 October 2011


What a marathon that turned out to be!
 Finally I've finished my scarf, I can't count how many adjustments I've done. 
But here it is and I have to say I'm very pleased with it. 
What do you think?
I can't wait to wrap up in it. I'm calling it my,

 Up on the moors scarf.

 The colours remind me of the wonderful windswept 
Cornish landscapes covered in heather and gorse.

I had trouble choosing the edging, eventually choosing a picot edge with bobbles on each end.
Now tell me.
Do you think it needs a fringe?
I just can't decide.



  1. oh that's lovely! The picot edge is very cute, maybe fringe would be too much...

  2. Hello Sue!

    I popped over to give you the link to those mary janes shoes, as they do them in a most delicious violet shade...but I got sidetracked by your gorgeous crochet! I love the colours of your new scarf and the edging sets it off just right! OOoh before I forget, here's the link to the shoes!

    Lots of love,
    Julia x x x

  3. It's lovely! The name is perfect. I love the edging but wouldn't add a fringe personally.Happy snuggling :)

  4. Sue I love this scarf! I agree the title is just right, coming from Yorkshire I have a great affection for the moors, I wonder what adjustments you had to make, and would love to see how it looks on you :0)
    With this weather at the moment, you still can use a snuggle scarf!
    Val xx


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