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Ripple Fever!

I tried so hard to resist the ripple fever spreading through the blogosphere, but to no avail. I finally succumbed and threw myself headlong into Lucys and Heathers ripple along! So far so good. I'm loving the ripple effect so much. ♥Sue♥


What a marathon that turned out to be!  Finally I've finished my scarf, I can't count how many adjustments I've done.  But here it is and I have to say I'm very pleased with it.  What do you think? I can't wait to wrap up in it. I'm calling it my,
 Up on the moors scarf.
 The colours remind me of the wonderful windswept  Cornish landscapes covered in heather and gorse.

I had trouble choosing the edging, eventually choosing a picot edge with bobbles on each end. Now tell me. Do you think it needs a fringe? I just can't decide.

Get on with it!

Don't you hate it when this happens. You have a great idea. You rummage and decide. Yes A new scarf just what I need and it's chilly, no worries I'll have that finished in a jiffy! Uh not finished yet but you started that last weekend, it's only a scarf what's going on!

It's me, that what's going on, well two things really. lack of skill and indecision. My scarf was nearly finished when I decided it was just too well STIFF I draped it artfully around my neck only it didn't drape  it just kind of stood there covering my face but not snuggling me! Problem was I'd used (don't actually know the proper stitch name) the stitch you use for granny squares. It looked lovely but really,way too firm!

So after an evening of unpicking. Hooking unhooking. Trying a bit of knitty magic I settled on this combination. I'm liking this it's SOFT and  HUGGY Just need to get on with it cos I need to wrap up it's chilly out there you know! ♥Sue♥

The one with Willy Wonka

Boy what a hectic weekend, starting Thursday with  World Book Day. The advantage of working in a school is that you get the chance to dress up! This year  Willy Wonka ! A few little props a quick raid of the wardrobe and

Hey presto!

The children loved it! Then it was a quick change and off to Plymouth for my stepson's Passing Out Parade A VERY

Long drive home  to some  RELAXING hooking in the sunshine

It's a beautiful scarf which I'm making for myself, quickly before the weather changes! Speaking of weather, we spent yesterday afternoon strolling along Witterings beach. Lovely Strangely although we live nearby we've never been there! Now it's our new favourite place Hope these pictures make you feel as chilled as we did. ENJOY


Just a quick one today. So busy this week, number 3 son is off to Iceland tomorrow morning nice and early so the weeks been full of packing and sorting as you can imagine!
Tomorrow is also world book day and as I work in a school I have to dress up. I'm going as the fabulous  Willy Wonka!

I've spent the evening making a fancy tie and some golden tickets. But my favourite thing is my cane, just waiting for the fimo knob to cook, it's got a wonderful W on it! So that's tomorrow, day.  Then straight away off to Devon for a couple of days.
Busy busy busy
If there are any photos of me as the great man I promise I will post one!
Have a fabulous weekend ♥Sue♥

Around the house

Hope you enjoyed a lovely busy crafty weekend,  I found myself last night sat on my sofa with two crochet projects on my lap! One just finishing except, ran out of yarn.  So I just started another one.  It's true people I am an addict, I can't sit down without a hook in my hand! Anyway onto other things. This pretty tin heart hangs in my hallway, a gift from my lovely daughter. D'you see the hearts behind? Homemade my friends, cut by my own fair hand from an old map I bought from E-bay. A gift for my Lovely Man. The hearts are special places we've been together.

Downstairs in the kitchen. The noticeboard.  Everyone needs a noticeboard Is that another old map Susan I hear you ask, well yes it is, Got a little carried away on E-Bay But I love this my Lovely Man made the frame.  In went the map and we just write on the glass with a whiteboard pen! Genius!

And my final piece of genius today. Have you one of those digital photo frames kicking around at home. Ugly aren't they. Not mine!

Seeing some progress

As I sat unpicking yet another project last night and feeling sort of blah about it, I stopped and gave myself a proper talking to.  After all I'm still a newbie at this crochet lark, I've only been doing it for two years!  So I thought I'd cheer myself up and look at some of my 'early work'!  Thought you might like to have a peek too. December 2009, some wobbly grannies!

By March 2010 a non wobbly granny and some flowers. I like making flowers, no wrong. I LOVE making flowers!

But then I got adventurous and after mooching around Flickr I found the gorgeous Babette blanket.  Had to make that! May till June I toiled away on those gorgeous squares. That was  it I was SMITTEN And I was a crocheter I'd made something YIPEE!

Then I discovered the wonderful  Lucy over at Attic 24 of course I  HAD to make one!
My hook was on fire now! 

So now I'm a crochet freak spending hours with hook in hand.  And in the two years since I discovered the pure enjoyment of hooking I've made many, ma…

Sharing the Shame

I was having a little mooch through blogland yesterday when I came across a lovely post from
 it's a lovely blog full of delicious crochet and inspirational ideas, but this post was about.
 I thought I'd share the shame.

Not pretty is it

I'm lucky enough to have a space to work in but as you can see it's far from perfect. There was a chest of drawers in that space  but number two son took it for his flat (to be fair it was his). So all my stuff is piled up in tubs and baskets, that's not all my stuff, those plastic drawers are full of towels.
Ok the rest is mine. But d'you know what. I don't care I love my little room.
Over at The Gingerbread lady she's fessed up to not having a 'perfect' home too.
Isn't that the point though 
Somewhere to feel comfortable and safe and relaxed, somewhere we feel able to create and craft, which by it's very nature is a messy process! So lets give a big sigh of relief and enjoy the shame. Real people l…

Two Ta-dahs!

Well here we are then. Introducing  Berry Bright Cushion!

This was another one, you know  a USING UP SCRAPS PROJECT

LOVE How  it  turned out.  Love, love, love the colours

Added some cute little flowers to make it more girlie. And raided the button box for some perfectly pretty buttons.

It's a cute size too.  A dinky 12 inches square. So do you sense my dilemma? Yes you've guessed should I just pop out to the yarn shop and buy just a little bit more........... Just a tiny few balls
Enough to make 
cosy cuddly blanket Should I?

In the meantime, Just what every little lady needs for all her essentials you know books dolls  teddies sweeties treasure

You understand