Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sweet Pea Blanket

My latest creation
Sweet Pea Blanket
Sweet Pea Blanket by Sue Webb ♥

It's a giant granny square, loved making it sooo relaxing just round and round and round 46 times! 
I must confess I've still got some ends to sew in, but that's boring and I'm already onto the next thing.
Want a little peek?

What's it going to be.

Wait and see!
Are you the same, flitting from one project to another. I find a new idea evolves from the project I'm working on, one thing leads to another and I get a backlog of ideas! I've started writing them down and keeping colour ideas tucked safely away in an attempt to free my mind for the thing I'm working on!
Oh the torture. 
Are you suffering too?
I wonder who has the most projects on the go at once, let me know!

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  1. Hi Sue, love Sweet Pea! Those are my kinda colors. And yes, I see we both have a sort of 'crafting ADHD'. I usually have various yarn projects whirling around in my head so I have a little notebook in which I write them all so as not to make myself crazy! I have 3 active projects right now and probably half dozen unfinished ones that I'm just not feeling right now. Oh yes, the torture :-)


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